We are excited to announce Grand Championship Finals at Kalahari!!!!

This year we will be holding a Grand Championship Finals to our national competition on Sunday following the last awards ceremony.  This spectacular show will be about 2 hour long and will feature “the best of the best” group routines from the weekend.  The top 5 mini, pre-teen,  junior and senior groups will have the chance to re-compete for the title of Mini Champion, Pre-teen Champion, Junior Champion, and Senior Champion at the National level. 

This will give your dancers the possibility of once more performing the dances they have been working hard on all year long.  Each studio is only allowed one routine in each age division based on the highest scores from small groups, large groups and lines  (no productions, daddy/daughter, solos, duets, or trios will be included in the Grand Championship Finals). 

Dancers winning high points in the categories of small group, large group and lines are encouraged to stay until Saturday to find out if they have been chosen to re-compete.  However, winning 1st over-all high point does not necessarily mean your routine will be in the finals. It can be bumped out by another dance in a different category of the same age.  For example:  If Studio A has a mini small group that wins 1st place high-point with a score of 140 but later the same studio has a mini large group that does not win a high-point but has a score of 142, the mini large group from Studio A bumps the small group from Studio A even though the small group was ranked higher in its category.  Only 5 dances from the mini division are chosen for the Grand Championship finals regardless if they are a small, group, line, or production number.  This is the same for pre-teen, junior, and senior as well.

At the last awards ceremony on Sunday, we will announce which routines from the weekend will re-compete.  They will then have approximately 1 hour before the Grand Championship Finals Show begins.  Our Stand-Out Dancer routine will be the final routine of the day. The Championship finals will follow.  All dancers and parents are encouraged and welcome to stay and watch the show even if they are not participating. The title winners of the Grand Championship Finals will win a trophy and a cash award of $250.00

This is a great way for dance studios to support one another and for fellow dancers to cheer each other on!

The Over-all Highest scoring Solo and Duo/Trio of the National competition will win a trophy and a cash award of $125.00.

 We are excited to continue this aspect to our National Finals.  We hope we have your support and that you and your dancers will enjoy this spin on our competition.

Good Luck to you and See you at the Kalahari!