Standout Dancers


Upcoming Workshops

Cedar Rapids Standout Dancer Rehearsal Schedule

Please note that if you have a conflict with a routine competing in nationals that always takes priority over standout dancer rehearsal



Thursday June 21st  4-5pm

Friday June 22nd  8-8:30pm



Thursday June 21st 5:15-7:15pm

Friday June 22nd 8-9am



Wednesday June 20th 1:30-3pm

Thursday June 21st 1-2:30pm



Wednesday June 20th 11-12:30pm

Thursday June 21st 10-12pm


All Ages

Friday June 22nd 8:30-10pm

Saturday June 23rd 8-9:30am


Bonus Classes

$10 per class or 3 for $25


How To Audition

Wednesday June 20th 9-10:30am



Friday June 22nd 11-12:15pm


Clogging / Tap

Friday June 22nd 3-4pm

Wisconsin Dells Standout Dancer Schedule

Please note that if you have a conflict with a routine competing in nationals that always takes priority over standout dancer rehearsal



Friday June 15th  1pm to 2pm

Saturday June 16th  11am to 12pm



Thursday June 14th 5:15pm to 5:45pm

Friday June 15th 9am to 10:30am

Saturday June 16th 1:15pm to 3:15pm

Saturday June 16th 530pm  to 6pm



Wednesday June 13th 4pm to 6pm

Friday June 15th 3:15pm to 5Pm



Wednesday June 13th 12pm to 2pm

Thursday June 14th 9am to 11am

Saturday June16th 530pm to 6pm


Saturday June 15th 930am to 1030am

Any Non-Mini who wants to Tap/clog

Friday June 15th 2pm to 3pm



Saturday 16th of June 6pm to 10pm



Bonus classes

$10 per class or 3 for $25


How to Audition

Thursday June 14th 3:30pm to 5pm


Friday June 15th 6pm to 7:15pm


Thursday June 14th 6pm to 7:15pm

Teacher Forum (For teachers) Free 

Friday 7:30pm to 8pm

Standout Dancer Choreography

What to wear:
Black bottoms, preferably longer pants. Barefoot, and bring tap shoes or clogs if you would like to be in the tap section. The theme is Lacey Victorian steampunk.

Seniors: combination of red and black
Teens: purple and black
Preteens: green and black
Minis: shades of blue (pajama theme & bring a pillow to rehearsals)



Preteens & Teens (video says seniors)


All Ages

Tap & Clogging

Finale for All.  Minis will enter to DS
Older ages will have some small changes in choreo @ rehearsals to layer.  (Last 8 Cnt will be modified during rehearsals)

2018 Standout Dancer Choreographer

We are excited to announce our 2018 Standout Dancer choreographer will be Sally Cofield!

Sally’s been dancing over 40 years…she grew up training in Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern and Ballet in the San Luis Obispo, CA area. She then moved to Los Angeles at the age of 17. Sally’s So. Cal training had her Tapping and Jazzing with legends such as Jennifer Lopez, Ben Vereen, Joe Tremaine, Gregg Russell, Jackie Sleight, Michael Rooney, Tyce Diorio and Marcea Lane among others at LA studios and she began a professional dance career that took her to New York and throughout Europe. She is extremely well rounded in her knowledge of dance which includes Clogging, African, Musical Theater, Partnering and Contemporary. Sally has had a teaching career in these styles, spanning more than 25 years, making her highly qualified to assess proper technique and performance value in a wide variety of styles. She is a sought after master teacher and choreographer in the Sacramento area.

Standout Dancers 2018

Standout Dancers are dancers that impressed the judges at one of our regional competitions. They will be invited to perform a production number at one of our two National locations. They will be taught a production routine at Nationals that will open up our afternoon at the Grand Nationals held on the last day of each National competition. A special note will be made of their names and the studio they represent!

We will start to post videos right here on the Standout dancers tab. You must do your best to learn the choreography posted online. Look for the videos to start coming out the first week in May.

We will then post a schedule two weeks before each Nationals were the Choreographer will work with select age groups. Rehearsals will work around competition schedules and be flexible. Then on the night before Grand Nationals there will be a three hour staging rehearsal onstage.

If you have any questions feel free to Email