Welcome to our 2016 Midwest Starz Dance Competitions and Conventions

Once again Midwest Starz is honored to host so many outstanding dancers and studio’s. It is our goal to enrich, enhance, and encourage the love of dance now and forever in the lives of dancers.

*NEW FOR the Fall of 2015 & 2016*
Workshop & Convention
Featuring Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop Classes, Teachers workshops and a Grand Finale Showcase.
We will be  accepting Competition Routines for those who would like to compete. Limited space available.
Gateway Convention Center, Ames, Iowa
Oct 24th & 25th 2015

Midwest Starz competitions offers three levels!

Starz level is for dancers with more than four hours of instruction per week and has several years of competition experience. Starz level entries are eligible for High Point Awards at the Starz level only. They will be included in The Starz Grand Nationals at the National Competitions.  **This level is a highly competitive level.

Shooting Starz level is for dancers who take four hours or less instruction per week and have limited competition experience. Shooting Starz entries are eligible for High Point Awards only at their level. They will be included in The Shooting Starz Grand Nationals at the National Competitions.

Rising Starz level is for dancers with less than 2 years of limited competition experience and/or dancers who take approximately a total of 2 hours or less of dance classes per week and are 14 years of age or under. This level is designated for the younger, less experienced dancers. There are no prize certificates, nor Title competition in the Rising Starz Level. This level will not be considered for the Grand National Finals. Overall High Scores will be presented in all 4 Age Groups (Super Mini 2-4, Mini 5-8, Preteen 9-11 and Teen 12-14) in the Solo, Duo/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, Line and Production categories.

Super Mini level is for dancers that are between the ages of 2 and 4 years old and will only be allowed to compete at the Rising Starz level. They will not be considered for the Grand National Competition.

Soloists must perform all of their routines at the same level. A mixed duo routine will compete at the Starz level and a mixed Trio routine will perform at the level that is most dominated by the three dancers. All Super Mini routines will be performed at the Rising Starz level.

Midwest Starz is committed to bringing your studio a superior competitive dance competition experience. Midwest Starz will be a leader in the dance competition industry with the finest quality sound, lighting, video graphics and video production available today. Midwest Starz wants to be our choice in competitions in the future.

Midwest Starz offers photos and video that are available to view and purchase throughout the year.

Every year we offer the studios’ attending our events the opportunity to donate their awarded trophy’s back to Midwest Starz. The cash value will be applied as a donation to a charity of their choice.

Our stages are 64 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Both stages are covered with Marley flooring.

The pizza party This past year was a big hit. We would like to thank all of the studios’ that helped us make the party a success. This year we will have additional contests with prizes and of course DJ Sherm will be spinning the music. Feel free to bring your own music and dress for fun at the Nationals.

We are in awe of the dedication and commitment that the students and studio’s have to the art of dance. We are amazed at the unwavering support parents provide for their sons and daughters. And finally, we are blessed year after year by having the opportunity to reunite with so many friends and their families, and forming new friendships along the way.

We will always continue to miss and fondly remember, my brother and your beloved dance friend, Cary Sinn, whose joy and passion for dance will live forever in our minds and hearts.

Brent Sinn, Director
Teri Sinn, VP
Midwest Starz Staff